TAI CHI                                 



                        Start facing south


      Turn Angle.                    Direction.                        Posture.


  1, Raise the chi                                  S                              Wu-Chi

  2, Turn right 90 deg                          W                              Right posture, catching the ball

  3, Turn left 90 deg                             S                              Ward off

  4, Turn right 90 deg                          W                              Full sequence, Grasp the birds

                                                                                             Tail, Roll back, Press + Push

  5, Turn left 90 deg                             E                              Single whip

  6, Step up                                           E                              Left posture, catching the ball

  7, Turn right 90 deg                           S                              Ward off

  8, Turn left 90 deg                             E                              Full sequence

  9, Turn right 90 deg                          W                             Single whip                                                                                                                         

10, Turn left 90 deg                             S                             Play the guitar

11, Lean forward                                 S                             Strike with the shoulder

12, Step forward right                         S                             Play the guitar

13, Lean forward                                 S                             Strike with the shoulder

14, Step forward left                           S                             Brush Knee twist

15, Step forward right                         S                             Brush Knee twist

16, Step forward left                           S                             Diagonal fly

17, Step forward right                         S                             Diagonal fly

18, Step forward left 45 deg               S                             Fairy weaves the shuttle

19, Step forward right 90 deg             S                             Fairy weaves the shuttle

20, Turn left 180 deg                          N                            Quar turn

21, Step off left 45 deg                       N                            Fairy weaves the shuttle

22, Step forward right 90 deg            N                             Fairy weaves the shuttle

23, Turn left 90 deg                          NW                          Distraction kick left

24, Put the foot down                       NW                          Strike with both fists

25, Turn right 90 deg                        NE                           Distraction kick right

26, Put the foot down                       NE                           Strike with both fists

27, Step back right                            N                             Snake creeps down

28, Step up right                               N                            Golden pheasant stands on one leg

29, Step back left                              N                             Snake creeps down

30, Step up left                                 N                            Golden pheasant stands on one leg




         Turn angle.                   Direction.                            Posture.


31, Put the foot down,                        N                             Block, Parry, Punch

      Step forward right

32, Rock back,                                   N                             Block, Parry, Punch

      Step forward left  

33, Shuffle back right                        N                             Ride the tiger

34, Step forward right                       N                             Make seven stars

35, Step forward left                         N                             Separate the heavens  

36, Shuffle back left                         N                             Ride the tiger

37, Step forward left                         N                             Make seven stars

38, Turn left 90 deg                          W                            Lotus kick left

39, Pat left Cut Right                        W                            Pat the high horse              

      Pat Right Cut left

40, Step back left                              W                            Repulse the monkey

41, Step back right                            W                            Repulse the monkey

42, Turn right 180 deg                      E                             Lotus kick right

43, Pat right Cut left                         E                             Pat the high horse

      Pat left Cut right

44, Step back right                            E                             Repulse the monkey

45, Step back left                              E                             Repulse the monkey

46, Turn left 225 deg, left fwd         S/W                         Fan through the back

47, Step forward right                      N/W                        Fan through the back

48 Turn left 270 deg, left fwd          N/E                         Fan through the back

49, Step forward right                      S/E                          Fan through the back

50, Step back left                              N                            Bird spreads its wings

      Left hand up, right hand down

51, Step forward left                       N                             Fist under the elbow

      Left up Right down         

52, Step forward right                    N                             Fist under the elbow

      Right up Left down                  N                       

53, Transfer weight forward          N                            Brush knee punch to the groin

54, Step forward left                      N                            Brush knee punch to the groin

55, Withdraw weight back             N                            Shoot the tiger Right high

56, Step forward right                    N                            Shoot the tiger Left high

57, Step up left                               N                            Wave hands like clouds

58, Side step left                             N                            Wave hands like clouds

59, Turn left foot 180 deg               S                             Play the guitar

      Step through right






    Turn angle.                        Direction.                        Posture.


60, Withdraw weight                        S                            Needles at sea bottom

       Left hand down

61, Step off right                               S                            Fan through the back

62, Step through left                          S                           Play the guitar

63, Withdraw weight                         S                           Needles at sea bottom

       Right hand down

64, Step off left                                  S                           Fan through the back

65, Step up right                                S                           Finish