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Really enjoyed visiting your site lol
good club, excellent members, training is good the learning is excellent. I would recommend this club for anyone who wants to learn TAI CHI or total well being and health benefits
I have been attending Chi Tao for a couple of years now, and I have known the instructor Alan for about five years. This is a very friendly club, that has a strong emphasis on qigong and its many health benefits, and Yang style Tai Chi patterns.

The qigong sessions and seminars have been very beneficial to me, and have helped me resolve a back spasm and pain I have had for over 30 years. I now practice qigong every day, and have been completely off medication, and have had no back pain for over a year now. That major result is due to me joining this club!

This club caters for all abilities, and the instructor, Alan is a very experienced and adaptable teacher with loads of soft and hard martials arts knowledge.
Hi guys love the new web site , hope your all ok at the club n c you all soon
Hi guys love the new web site , hope your all ok at the club n c you all soon
Great site. Very informative.
Awesome club.
Brilliant and amazing, tai is by far the best exercise I have ever done. The club is great, friendly and has a very relaxed atmosphere. Try it and gain multiple benefits.
Love this website, very good.
I used to go to this club a couple of years ago,but gave up due to other commitments like university.Ifirst attended tai chi looking for some thing to help with my knee pain and blood pressure,i was taking medication for both conditions,to my surprise tai chi cured both,i no longer needed surgery on my knee and i stopped the blood pressure medications.I still dont take medication i am going back to this club.It is a very friendly atmospere the teacher is very good.i am so looking forward to going back.
Thankyou chi tao for the lessons and most of my success with my knee and blood pressure.By the way love the website simple and easy to look through
great club with a very friendly atmosphere. the health benefits are really good.
ps, love this site